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The value of conferences has always been content and people-driven. There are great new technological possibilities to foster interpersonal connections and interactive workshops for smaller groups. Interactive workshop approaches allow knowledge sharing on an entirely new level while creating richer, more direct experiences for all delegates. New systems are fusing the classic clarity of poster sessions with the countless possibilities offered by multimedia enriched content - not only for academic posters and presentations but simply for all sorts of information and content exchange.

Learn first-hand how European conferences have been leading the way in approachable content formats and how you can leverage technology to create deeper knowledge sharing opportunities.

Hosted and moderated by Alissa Hurley, VP Marketing, FMAV

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Sami is constantly reflecting on the future of academic conferences and associations. Being a strong believer in new technologies he is an advocate for great software services that are human-centered and user friendly. Sami: "To meet people in person at conferences will fortunately always be analog!"